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Frequently Asked Questions about Gray's Watercolors

What is a Gray's Watercolor?
By far the majority of the Gray's Watercolors now in circulation are pochoir prints produced in limited numbers primarily between 1965 and the early 1990's. Each is a handpainted watercolor over a lithographed penline, signed on plate - more than 4,000 different home town and college scenes across the U.S. Gray's no longer produces pochoir prints; however, prints of almost all listed scenes are now available as fine art laser prints which are virtually indistinguishable from the original. Additionally, over the years, there have been small editions of pen and ink drawings and a few full-color lithograph series. A few hundred of the original watercolor paintings from which the prints were reproduced may also be in circulation. (For further detail in distinguishing between these, see Gray's as Collectibles - Backing Sheets.)

Who are the Gray's artists?
The original artwork from which the prints have been reproduced is the work of about a dozen award-winning artists, among them members of the American Watercolor Society, and most using the surname Gray. By far the most prolific of these Gray's artists was Davis Gray (E.B. Walden: 1929-1995). (See About the Artists.)

What are the subjects of Gray's Watercolors?
Gray's Watercolors include more than 4,000 different local hometown scenes from across the U.S. They include schools, colleges, and universities; courthouses; libraries; railroad stations; boats; bridges; light houses; fire houses; town halls; historic buildings and events, including a number of American Revolutionary War scenes; and others.

What is the value of a Gray's Watercolor?
The pochoir prints found in fine print and art shops, galleries, or auctions may range from $50 to $200; fine art laser prints, now the primary reproductions, $30; original artwork from which prints have been reproduced, from $600 to $1,000.

What is the current availability of Gray's Watercolor prints?
Although many of the original hand painted (pochoir) prints may now be found only in secondary markets such as art/print/antique shops and auctions, some select pochoir scenes may still be available directly through Gray's Watercolors. Almost all the listed scenes produced by Gray's in the past (see By State ) are now available as fine art laser prints directly through Gray's.

All scenes are available as fine-art laser prints in 2 image sizes: 8"x10" and 11"x 14". The 8" x 10" prints come matted in 11" x 14" hand cut mats, matted price $29.95. The 11" x 14" prints come unmatted only, price without mat, $39.95.

Pochoir prints, when available from Gray' s are one size only: 8" x 10" image size. Prints are matted in 11" x 14" hand cut mats, matted print prices beginning at $49.95. All 8" x 10" images (both pochoir and laser) may be ordered in 11"x14" cherry-finished, solid wood frames with gold inner border, finished with dust cover, for an additional $19.95. Prints may be ordered double matted for $10 additional. (UPS shipping and handling not included.) Information regarding original artwork and miniatures available upon request.

Are custom Gray's Watercolor programs still available for financial institutions, development offices, and other organizations?
Gray's continues to offer complete services to a variety of organizations (see Bank Programs and College Programs) as it has for almost 40 years.

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