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Custom Prepared Campus Scenes

for Alumni Publications, Development offices, and College Stores…

Since the 1960's, Gray's Watercolors (initially The College Watercolor Group) has been providing handsome, finely detailed watercolor prints of American college and university campus scenes for delighted alumni and for enthusiastic development directors' fund-raising efforts. That number now exceeds 400, in addition to private schools and academies (see By State listing).

Old Main, Wartburg College, Waverly, Iowa. This scene features the centerpiece of the Wartburg campus, once its only building, and this same print has been used singly by the development office for many years, a continuing coveted gift of appreciation for donors and VIP's. (Print available only through Wartburg College)

Today Gray's complete services - greatly enhanced by today's technology - bring the same excitement and profit as in the beginning. Scenes previously available - their bright charm undiminished by the passage of time - are now being reissued as fine art laser print editions, ideal for alumni publications or as giving incentives to whole new generations of alumni, of highest quality and reasonably priced for both alumni and alumni organizations.

New scenes may be added to previous series…or entirely new programs may be commissioned to increase contributions to fund drives, as special VIP gifts, or for retail income through alumni publications, book stores, and gift shops (see below).

With many sources of funding at risk, now may be just the time to consider these highly visible, happy daily reminders of one's alma mater - for a lift to the spirit and a boost to the coffers!

The detailed original artwork for new programs or new scenes is rendered for you without obligation. Upon your approval of the artwork, assistance and service are provided at every level, including imprinting mats, framing, and drop-shipping to alumni.
You'll be delighted with the quality, price, and complete services!

Contact Gray's today by telephone at (610) 867-5087 or by email at to take immediate advantage of this great potential resource. One of Gray's representatives will be happy to discuss and/or visit with you to explore possibilities for providing your alumni with these handsome and nostalgic reminders.

Four of seven Gray's Watercolors scenes of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point currently offered in the alumni catalog. The program, which started with four scenes in 1968, has been continuous since that time. The prints are available framed in solid wood frames with glass, handsomely finished with dust cover, backing sheet, and hanger, and reasonably priced for both alumni and alumni organization. (West Point prints available only through Association of Graduates, West Point.)

For further information concerning Gray's Watercolors, you may call (610) 867-5087- or email the company at